Friday, October 31, 2008

Logistically Speaking

So here we are at the last day of the month. I don't know about you but October has exhausted me. In the last four weeks I've experienced blazing sun-and I mean blazing, high winds, pouring rain and snow. And today we are heading back to a sunny high that would rival the beginning of Spring. Now everyone, including myself, enjoys warm sunny weather but in our house the changing of the seasons brings with it a specific set of tasks and chores. And believe me shutting down a large backyard garden and preparing the house for Winter...and the Holidays has to be planned, timed and coordinated or you could find yourself shovelling a path to your shed to put away the BBQ. Now I'm not one to shy from my duties, in fact I rather enjoy the responsibility, but this weather is driving me nuts! For example...I started with our Christmas lights weeks ago, while it was warm, but I have to wait until 'after' Halloween to complete them because running kiddies have in the past pulled out the power lines as they 'short cut' through our shrubbery. Then there are the bikes, deck furniture, BBQ and lawnmower and so on. All are put away in a certain order so as to not 'gum' up the works. Now add into the mix moving my studio up into the garage before it gets too cold...oh but wait...the garage door installers need that space to work. And then there is the preparing of inventory (wherever I find square footage) for an upcoming show...or maybe two.

I think, logistically speaking, it would be easier to send a monkey into space. At least in space the weather is consistent.
Todays pic is one of my freeform Planters in a Granite finish. Because they are handmade they can be any size or shape. This particular one is almost 24 inches at the widest.

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