Friday, October 17, 2008

Mulch and Reflect

I walked out of the house today into bright sunshine and crisp air. It's time again to bed down the gardens for winter. As much as I hate to accept it we'll be knee deep, actually probably waist deep, in snow within a couple of months. So today I'm setting out to do my Fall pruning and mulching. Many projects did not get off the ground this year due to the huge amount of rainfall this summer. But I can't really complain as the gardens grew by leaps and bounds.

I always think of Fall as my favourite season. Kind of in between too hot and too cold. You get to end your day in the warmth of your home after spending hours working outside. Your senses are bombarded in Fall as well. The wind arrives in fits and starts which adds some rustle to the trees. The leaves are falling and swirling and when the wind changes direction you can catch the smell of a burning fireplace somewhere in the neighborhood and the colder temperatures just seem heighten the effect. And there is aways the new blushes of colour. Also I find it very peaceful. Maybe it's because not many choose to be outside in the cooler weather but I think it also has to do with the fact we tend to reflect on the past few months knowing the next year will soon be here. Having said that I thought this shot of our 'container garden' fit in well. Though not apparent in this photo...all the containers are shallow concrete bowls of varying diameters. I used different coloured sands in the 'dry mixes' to keep them original.

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