Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lake Whatchamucallit

Here I sit scrambling to arrange my day knowing that the clock is always ticking. The weather today is downright rude. Constant winds and colder temperatures. The Goose, who by the way is a great forecaster of weather, has not even gotten off his bed yet. If it's cold or wet outside he will sleep until around 3pm. Who needs the Weather Network.

My new garage studio is still in limbo because I need to save installation room for the insulated garage doors that won't arrive for a few weeks. In the meantime I am planning the most immediate task which is blowing in about 16 inches of insulation over my work space. Once that is done the Gas Contractor will be in for my brand spankin' new heating system. Everything else can be done in the newly heated space - no matter what is happening outside.

Check out this very cool shot. It was taken by Jewel during a girls weekend at the cottage on Lake Whatchamucallit near someplace hours away from here...give or take.

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