Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Grief People

I have to admit I'm not really a fan of Halloween. On our street we don't see many small kids tapping at the door. Instead we get teenagers...at least I hope they're teenagers. Too young to be at a party or even driving for that matter but definitely way too old to be panhandling at the door for candies. And it's because of that mostly that we stopped taking part in the candy giveaway as of last year. So what we do, or I should say..don't do, is put out a pumpkin, decorate or light up the porch.

Now when I was a kid this was the 'not so secret' code or universal signal, understood by every kid with an empty pillow case, that this house is not interested in you on their doorstep or they have simply 'run out' of candy, goodies, treats and the like. In fact it wasn't even vocalized. The costumed kiddie mob ran directly for the next home with the glowing porch. Well is it just me or was this sacred knowledge not passed on to the next generation? Last year even with our home front in 'total blackout' we had people ringing and knocking for what seemed like minutes at a time. In fact we could hear them mumbling their disapproval at being ignored. At one point I even heard a parental voice instructing their child to "ring again" over and over. Good grief people...read the Play Book or consult with a Village Elder...preferably Pagan.

Okay time to check out todays pic. This was just a bit of experimenting. What do you do with a leftover scoop of concrete and ten minutes? Well, if you have a sand pile you could throw it on top of a few choice pieces of gravel, for teeth, and Birch twigs for hair and you would have a sandcast of a...um, well you'd have a sandcast anyway. It will look even better after seasoning in the garden. Which means moss and lichen and such...honest.


Don Mills Diva said...

I'm kinda relieved that I won't be home to give out candy this year. When a gang of 14-year-olds show up without a costume it feels a little like extortion.

Janella said...

So, Peter!
Any suggestions for those of us who won't be home but have decorated anyway? Yes - spiderwebs, pumpkins, caution tape...I was thinking of setting out a bowl with a note reading, "Sorry we missed you. Help yourself to one, on the honour system"
:-) Anyways great blog!