Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Fungi Whisperer

Everywhere I go people come up to me on the street and say...Hey! Peter!, how is it you are able to create these wonderful stone delicacies?

"Well", I begin...

Cut To: Dream Sequence with soft Storybook Voiceover.

"It all starts with a custom built honkin' worktable that holds almost five hundred pounds
of blended sand mix".

Insert Shot: Several Dump Trucks backing up.

"It's positioned perfectly, on a northeast by southwest axis..."

Insert Shot: Close-up of Garden Sun Dial.
The shadow grows across its surface in compressed time.

"... under the sheltered reach of a giant Locust tree...that grew from a seed dropped in the poop of a humongous one-eyed man eating prehistoric bird...with a blue beak".

Insert Shot: Giant mangled bird shadow as it glides silently across the ground...Neanderthals grunt and run for an open cave.

"That is where you will find me when the wind, temperature and relative humidity is just so."

Resume Scene:

Peter is sitting in a huge wicker chair wrapped in an Eden-like garden. He's reading from a well worn ancient leather volume. Several animals are gathered at his feet, a pair of Humming birds are hovering on the spot, all listening intently. .

"And that's where I cast and sculpt my world famous mushrooms..."

He now closes the heavy book.

"...The End."

Push-In: to Close-up on book cover. It reads..."THE FUNGI WHISPERER."

Fade Out.
All my mushrooms are two the same. They are a combination of sandcasting and carving. An integrated steel spike keeps them firmly positioned in your garden or planter. I plan to bring around 100 pieces out to the Rose Theatre (Brampton Art Fair) on November 22, 2008 and many times that to the Canada Blooms show in Toronto (Spring 2009).

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