Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brancusi is da man !!!

"Create like a God,

Command like a King,

Work like a Slave."

~ Constantin Brancusi

Don't you just love this guy! The first time I saw this pic I thought the big stone tablet he's sitting on looked like a bed. It's not of course but regardless it always perpetuated the impression that this guy 'lives' his art. Whenever I come across someone like that I'm usually consumed by a mix of envy, admiration and maybe a little intimidation. It's tough to explain but I'm most at home dealing with creative individuals. I find the artsy crowd have a tendency towards distraction and rambling. It's as though their creative process runs in a different 'window' than their logical process and the two have to try and keep in sync...(huh?) Or maybe my rambling is minimized by theirs...(what the hell is this guy talking about?). See what I mean...but anyways it doesn't change the fact that Brancusi is da man !!!

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