Monday, October 20, 2008


Another day closer to Winter. Our Choke Cherry is losing leaves quickly now all the while carpeting the ground in rich purples. Definitely the tipping point between seasons. Now as the trees begin to thin the overall garden design really has to stand on its own. This is especially true for the front of the house. For my clients that like to entertain during the holiday season I would usually make sure to install some well placed Evergreens and large rocks. These provide great structure, shape and bold winter colour when contrasted against snow. The Evergreens require very little maintenance which makes them ideal if your schedule keeps you from tending to your garden on a regular basis. And the large rocks will provide visual balancing.

When I design a garden I will draw in the rock as per the size and shape I want. If I can't find it I will make it. Yes I sculpt rock - boulders, slabs and large jagged sentry rocks. We have many a boulder not to mention large slab steps in our own landscape. There's something very primal about rock. People will run their hands over it, kids will climb it and pets will bask on it. I am putting together a portfolio of my sculpted landscape rock but for now check out one of my stone carvings.

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