Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dancing Skeletons

You have to wonder if there is any truth to the saying,"a guy thing". I guess being a 'guy' I'm probably too close to and therefore unaware of which of my idiosyncracies are mine personally and which are on loan from the 'club'. I never really bought into the notion that guys did a 'thing' that made them guys. Okay, maybe Three Stooges films...which I love and never fails to make Jewel roll her eyes...and leave the room. But even then I have to believe there are women somewhere in the world that love The Three Stooges. I mean they had wives right?

Anyways as I was walking through my local Rona for probably the third time this week I couldn't help but notice the similarities in the style of dress between fathers and sons. And I'm talking about sons that were little kids. Which I guess is why it never resonated before since the father probably dressed the little guy. And as soon as I made the observation it seemed like the floodgates opened and they were everywhere. Then I began to notice specifics not just to the father and son combinations but among the guys in general. Now in Rona you have to expect the tee shirts, work boots and such but while at the check-out I counted close to a dozen individuals wearing images of skulls in one form or another. Skulls on tees, on hats, on jacket backs. Hmm interesting...and as I pushed my lumber cart to my truck tailgate I noticed the trailer beside me had a Grateful Dead type skull decal displayed prominently. I then climbed up into the cab of my truck and twisted the rear view mirror to adjust my sunglasses and my favourite bandana of all time...that would be the black one adorned with mini dancing skeletons. Hmm...must be a guy thing.
The picture today shows a group of 'Boogas' as they wait patiently for some more sanding etc. These are all handformed concrete columns then chiselled and carved into what you see here. You can just catch part of the opening in the top where a potted plant is installed. This group ranges from 24 inches to about 36 inches tall.

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