Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stuffing With Jelly

We all have wacky people that we know whether at work or in our 'hood. As I get older I find myself following an unclear path. Meaning my ideas are changing with age. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing as I am very open to learning and adapting and "not set in my ways" as the saying goes. But where does it all end? How different a person will I be in another twenty years from the person I was twenty years ago?

It's all very exciting actually...this new freedom to become whatever I want. I've always told Jewel that when I get old and really nuts I'll be that guy in the neighborhood that steps out onto the back deck at 5:30 every morning and plays the bagpipes or fires a cannon while wearing rubber boots, boxers and a Top Hat. Followed up with a verbal broadcasting of a recipe for turkey stuffing with jelly beans - at the top of my lungs of course.
The reason I feel this will happen is because being artistically inclined I'm given a very wide berth to do as I please. Others are very accepting of crazy people as long as they have a talent for something. In fact Jewel usually 'has my back' in public and will justify my actions by quietly saying "it's okay, he's an artist" at which time anyone listening usually nods with acceptance followed by..."ahhh".

Now every community has one of these of individuals but we've been in this home for almost eight years now and I can't find ours so I've concluded there is a good a chance as any that it could be me. Try it yourself. Look around you if you can't find yours...your probably it.

My picture today is an English topiary garden. Half a century old by the looks of it. I have a huge interest in these gardens on many levels. The discipline needed to create them, the history and the sculptural appeal. And the fact that it's all outdoors doesn't hurt either. If I had grown up in England (which almost happened) I would have loved a job in a garden like this. Maybe in my next life...

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