Monday, November 24, 2008

Pepe The Donkey

Another day another anti-climax. The Art Fair has come and gone and like Pepe the donkey following a carrot on a stick I am preparing for the next venue that has accepted me. Which in this case is the Canada Blooms show in Toronto being held in March 2009. The Art Fair was fantastic and it was great seeing everyone out and about loading up on one of a kind goodies for Christmas 'and the like'.

Whenever Jewel and I attend these events we usually hear of even more shows and venues, through the proverbial Artisan grapevine, and the Art Fair was no different. I am now aiming at what looks to be a great opportunity at a long running (51 years) Artisan show to be held right on the heels of Canada Blooms. It's juried and very competitive so I'll post my progress as it's available.

It has really been interesting for me to see no matter how much one delves into their 'art' regardless of the medium you can never get away from the business of it all. For me at least art is an escape where I can create characters and worlds of my own choosing. I choose the back story and future of each and every piece I do whether it's a script or sculpture. But now I find myself having to schedule, co-ordinate and promote for a portion of each day. I'm not complaining mind you but I'm also painfully aware that the clock is ticking. The one thing we have no power over is time and I have so much I want to do.

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