Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Disjointed State

I am definitely your typical night hawk. It's not that I don't get tired - I do...but my brain can go a few more laps than my body these days. I'm up late almost every night and if I don't force myself to bed at a designated time I could find myself up still when the sun rises.

But not all is wasted. For the most part I do work during the night. In fact it's my favorite time to work. The house is asleep and everything is perfectly silent aside from the hum of my computer hard drive and the occasional nose whistle from the Goose as he dozes at my feet.
There's also something about my disjointed know - exhausted body versus wired brain that makes for very rich ground imagination-wise. Thoughts and ideas are lucid and ever flowing. One mans exhaustion is another mans high...or something like that.
Today's pic is another rock carving of mine. This one has also been fitted with copper tubing so it can double as a water feature. It's designed to be hung on a wall, propped in a rock grouping or built into the bank of a pond. Very versatile.

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