Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whales Will Thank You

Today I'm sending out the word to all of you that have visited my post today, whether by accident or by design, to cast a vote. The honor up for grabs is for the Best Family Blog category within the Canadian Blog Awards. DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com has moved up quickly to one of the top five positions but now needs your help to push it to number one.

It's an absolutely great read. And doing so for just five minutes everyday, once before breakfast and once again just before you visit noddyland, is surely to at the very least make you smarter, funnier, wealthier, taller and a better dancer. But don't take my word for it just look at what some past readers had to say...

"I've been reading DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com for about thirty nine days now and my acne has completely disappeared...my family can't believe it...My doctor is astonished...it's a miracle! Thank you Don Mills Diva".

R. K . . . Brazil

"Since I've starting reading DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com our ship has definitely come in. Not only did we hit the jackpot big at Bingo last night but my husbands eye twitch has all but ceased. It's been like a tonic for our lives."

P. M. . . Dublin

"What can I say?...DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com has completely rehabilitated me. It's what keeps me going until my next parole board hearing".

Inmate #25776. . .Location Withheld

So there you have it. Zip on over to DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com and cast your vote while there's still time to save the Ozone layer. A couple of clicks and we'll be on our way to a greener planet before you know it. The whales will thank you... Adios.


Julia said...

I read DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com and I don't have to wear my glasses anymore! Thank you DonMillsDiva.blogspot.com. You're the best family blog EVER!

Don Mills Diva said...


It's funny because it's true.

Thanks so much and now go check your lottery tickets.

(you're welcome)