Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Far From Branson

It's been many years since I've had a proper vacation. My lifestyle is such that I never really felt the urgency to plan a scheduled getaway. I'm very fortunate in that I really enjoy what I do. I work outdoors for a good portion of the year on landscape projects and home improvement, or I should say landscape improvement. And when the weather gets unruly or the seasons change I move indoors to work on smaller projects. The rock sculpts I've shown in earlier posts are a good example.

And now with a working shop / studio coming together, as part of our home improvement grand plan, I'll soon be able to expand my efforts even further. But I do sometimes find that my mind will wander recalling fond memories of vacations past. One example would be from today's pic. This was actually a working vacation but it was a great experience nonetheless.

I took this pic while exploring the twenty-five acre Japanese Gardens located in Springfield Missouri not far from Branson Missouri for all of you Country music lovers. I had attended a workshop in Springfield a few years back and each day following our session I would visit another place of interest. The Japanese Garden was on my last day and I think I was the only person there aside from the gate attendant. By the way the people of Springfield were probably some of the nicest I have ever met in my life.


Julia said...

Springfield? Isn't that where The Simpson's are from?

Munoz Monkies said...

You've got great pics. I enjoyed them, thanks for sharing