Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time And Space

Ah, the big night is upon us. That single evening, once a year, when the clock hands meet at twelve. That one night that we've grown to believe holds the power to change our lives. Some of us set out to make positive changes in the form of resolutions. Resolving to forgo bad habits and embrace good habits.

The most profitable month for new gym memberships is January due in no small part to all those new resolutions. And the best part, for the gym, is that ninety percent of those signing up for memberships will never show up - ever. The other ten percent will train in fits and starts and fade after about two or three weeks. It's very rare to ever see a January sign-up stick it out.
When I worked at a gym part of my job was to take those individuals, that walk in off the street, and sell them a membership. So my advice to those of you planning on a gym membership, as a resolution, is to wait until February to sign up. Not only will you get a better price but you're already beating the attendance odds.
In keeping with the mystery of time and space my pic today is of Stonehenge. Definitely on my list of things to experience before I die.

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