Saturday, December 13, 2008


Since discovering the almost endless creative possibilities that are available with cement and concrete I've been hooked. If I had to point out any limitations it would probably relate more to the working conditions necessary for a good outcome. That would be temperature and humidity of your location. Being located in Canada does present some problems due to the small window of opportunity that I can work effectively outdoors.

But like evolution itself we adapt. And since my global weather controlling machine is still several maniacal years away from completion I've instead directed my focus to altered recipes for cement and concrete. Recipes that play well with others, in this case our generally crappy weather. My favorite mix results in a very plastic clay-like cement.

In my pic today I have a few planters created with just such a mix. They are large organic shapes designed to be partially buried into a garden bed. These particular ones have been finished in blue granite and more than once been mistaken for actual hollowed rock. Now if I could just perfect my weather machine.

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