Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dented Headbone

I've never been known for having a thin skin. Especially when it comes to constructive criticism of my work. I can't remember ever being overly sensitive but I really think it was in my artsy college years that the die was cast. After several semesters of class critique sessions - 'formal trashing of ones work by the instructor' - I had unwittingly developed the hide of a Rhino. Not always a good thing when dealing with the real world. I don't mind an honest opinion in fact I welcome it and in return I get to be just as honest. And that's where the trouble starts. Jewel once told me I can be a little 'too' honest. So I find myself modifying some old habits...two steps forward one step back so to speak.

And the flip side to this thick skin is that I rarely develop attachments to any of my work. I have sold pieces within days of finishing them without a second thought. But regret is finally beginning to bubble up from deep inside my dented head bone. Case in point would be the carved rocks pictured here. Both sold within days of being finished. And both I regret not keeping.

So what's the answer? I would first have to isolate the question and that would be do I want to be a working artisan that sells regularly or do I want to be surrounded by my art? It's a bigger dilemma than you might think. To be surrounded by your own work provides a very fertile environment to create yet more work but the whole point of the exercise is to develop streams of income...a.k.a. selling my work. But I believe I have found the elusive middle ground.

It's in it's earliest stages mind you but I will showcase it here in the New Year so I hope you will follow along and send me your thoughts, comments, rants and recipes - I like chili.

And if you haven't gone to to cast your vote please do it now. It will only take about fourteen seconds out of your life (I timed it) and you could be saving the planet...swear to god dude...see yesterdays post if you don't believe me.

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Julia said...

The first rock looks like Borje Salming!