Monday, December 15, 2008

Size 10

When I was a kid I wanted a flying squirrel as a pet. Not just a regular squirrel but a flying squirrel. That is until I found out they don't really fly...they only glide. There is something cool about flying. Remember the Flying Toaster screen saver?, okay maybe not so much now. How about the flying monkeys on the Wizard Of Oz? ...still freaky years later.

I have always had an interest in flying. A fork in the road of my life journey almost saw me go to Helicopter School in Florida. A path not taken that I daydream about from time to time. Actually pretty well every time I see a helicopter. It's a good daydream.

But I've never considered flying shoes as very interesting. Obviously I'm missing something. But I thought to myself maybe I need to think outside of the shoebox on this one. So for my pic today I'm showing the world the shoes I wore last night to a Christmas concert at a local theatre. Now they don't fly but they have logged dozens of miles on the ground. They are broken in quite nicely thank you and I still like to keep them polished. By the way mine are size 10 as well. So if a pair of old shoes can make it onto CNN why not my boots onto a simple blog? Plus I'm sure I saw a wad of gum stuck to the sole of that other guys.

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