Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fade To White

Though I am supposed to be working on various projects my mind is wandering and I find myself thinking of my love hate relationship with the snow.

Just when our summer garden gets up to speed the seasons change and once again I am forced to watch it wither as the colder nights of autumn bully their way into our lives. As sobering as it is to be reminded of how little control we have I still dread it every year.

But it's simply the cycle of life. It's a reaction to the lower temps that herald in the oncoming snow that will soon blanket the garden and drape the trees.

Burying our drive and blocking in our vehicles. Challenging my patience and my back. Yes, it's very easy to resent the snow.

Until I look at it from a different perspective...a different window. The heavy blanket of snow also protects the dormant root systems from freezing winds. It keeps insect pests in check by breaking their life cycle. The melt provides much needed water to the waking plants in spring by topping up the water table. And it really can look beautiful under a full moon.

Which window do you see it from? In scriptwriting the writer has various scene transition tools at their disposal. Fade To White is what comes to mind today and I think it's a fitting title for this post.

Today I'm showing a pic of one of the many birdhouses and feeders in our yard.

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