Thursday, December 18, 2008


The more often you look at something, the less you really see it. Often we take visual cues for granted.

Call it what you like but I believe that thought patterns are like water, they follow the path of least resistance towards an answer. And then when they find an answer they settle. Rarely do they seek a second answer. It wouldn't be practical.

But I also believe that new answers and sometimes even better answers lie just beyond the unfamiliar route or the unconventional path.

Looking and seeing are two very different things. Seeing is a skill that is developed and polished throughout ones life. I also believe that seeing is affected directly by ones attitude and perspective.

Remember back to a scene in Dead Poets Society where Robin William's character had asked all of his students to stand on their chairs?...absolutely brilliant.

Today I have a pic of a cedar rail that I had liberated from what the garden center called the burn pile...basically scrap and broken pieces that are of no profitable use. If you look close enough you can read its life story. It now stands inside one of our garden beds.

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