Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earth Bones

Boulders and rock have always had a deep connection to our lives. First used as material for tools, weapons and even shelter. And when plots of land began to be worked...boulders, now considered a nuisance, had to be dug up but still found use as building material for walls, wells and foundations. But beyond all the practicalities what is it about rock that is so mesmerising?

We are drawn to its coolness on a hot summer day. Animals look for its warmth on a cold day. And plants growing near by will thrive.

I have always been fascinated with rock. Looking at its scars and gouges I can only imagine the secrets it holds. The events it has been witness to as hundreds of millions of years have washed over its surface. The places it's been as it has settled into the earth and been spit out over and over again. The mountains it has ridden and the lakes it has plumbed. The life it has played host to and the fossils it now hides. They are truly earth bones. Is my Pagan showing?

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