Friday, December 5, 2008

This 'Intel' Could Be Tainted

It's hard to believe but rumour has it as we speak...or as I write and you read some of the naysayers are cobbling a makeshift covert coalition of sorts to circumvent, hijack and downright bamboozle from moving to number one. Back room shenanigans, meeting in dark corners, hushed voices...wait a sec, that sounds like a teenagers first party...okay, this 'Intel' could be tainted but...

...this just in, let's hope these satellite photos are wrong but since the ante has been upped, the rate of melt from the Polar Ice Cap has increased exponentially. More melt can only spell trouble...rising water levels and...well I'm not sure but Al Gore always seems pretty stoked about it.

We need to address this scenario head on - and there is only one blog up to the task. Cast your vote now, call your friends, call your enemies and make up with them...then ask them to vote for as the Best Family blog. It's as easy as a few clicks away and before you can say .."hey! my basement is flooded" will be required reading for anyone sentenced to house arrest. You have the power.

My pic today is a 'coalition' (there's that word again) of mushrooms that reside in the old mushroom archive. These are one-offs, experiments etc. that now live happily in our garden.

Make sure you check out my Poll at the top of the page. The results are sure to be monitored by those campaigning for positions of power. If in four years Sarah Palin promises everyone a Woolly Monkey...well let's just say you read it here first. And keep in mind that if I hit 100 votes I'm going out for pizza...I'm just saying.

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Don Mills Diva said...

All I can say is thank God there are people like you out there that really care about humanity.