Thursday, January 1, 2009

Years To Spare

It's the first day of the new year, 2009, and I should be travelling by personal jet pack today...that is according to the ten year old version of myself. I'm always awed by the actual notion of the future. Not so much the events waiting to take place but the notion itself of a future and a past.

Which probably explains my fascination with rock. What else connects our past, present and future with hundreds of millions of years to spare?
I've heard time described as a river or folds layered one on top of each other, usually as a prelude to the time travel argument. And in some circles time travel has been bandied about as a real possibility.
And what if it were eventually possible? Would you really walk away from everything you had right now and travel to a past or future block of time? Knowing full well you may only get one shot with no chance of returning. It could definitely keep you up all night trying to sort it all out.
Today's pic shows a wooden carving that occupies one of our garden beds. And in typical Canadian winter fashion he's wearing a hat and scarf made of snow.

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