Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Myself

As luck would have it I have a few hours between chores which really means it's time to replenish my supplies. I'm off to the local big box store for more material. It's well below zero outside so everything will surely feel much heavier today as I struggle through the snow covered parking lot.

I don't know if it's the pace I've set for myself or I've tapped a new reserve of creative juices but an old stage play of mine popped into my head last night and it's been chattering away ever since. I now find myself in the familiar position of jotting notes, talking to myself and gesturing as I polish dialogue. And it doesn't matter where I am, working at home or shopping in public. I'm sure I appear nuts which is why I try to frequent the same stores where I'm recognized. Wouldn't want to get sent home from the store with a note. Which did happen once by the way...different story.

My pic today is another Booga head...the Cossack. This one is around twenty four inches tall.

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