Friday, January 16, 2009

Snap Crackle Pop

For about a week now I've been working on a twenty four hour clock. My goal is to have one thousand pieces available for the opening of the upcoming Canada Blooms show in Toronto. Production is on target but does require some dedicated coordination of mixing, curing, and storing. Not to mention the frequent last minute runs to the local big box store to replenish my sand and cement inventory. And that's where this post picks up.

A few days ago I had been churning along in a perfect groove. The day was falling into place but my supply of raw materials was running low. I had given myself forty five minutes to pick up fresh supplies in order to get in more production for the evening. I wrapped myself up accordingly and exited the house only to find the snow plow had once again done it's best to ruin my schedule, my back and my day. The end of our driveway looked like the Great Wall Of China's little brother. Back in the house I went, to now replace my outerwear for the task at hand...shovelling. In my haste, and haze of frustration, I picked up a toque I would normally only wear when clearing snow behind our house...where I can labor unseen. Now this toque rises above my head to add a good ten inches to my matter how well you pull it down. To the innocent passerby it must have looked as if I were trying to disguise a horn growing from the top of my head.

All said and done it took me about twenty minutes to clear our driveway. I did finally have to resort to cutting through the mess with a snow blower to try to recover lost time. I then found myself in the cab of my Dodge Ram rumbling towards my original destination all the while verbally composing my next letter to the city regarding my frustration with the snow issue...another story.

It was at this point I realized that my head was rubbing the ceiling inside my truck. Without realizing it I had left on the massive toque. Checking myself in the rear view mirror I looked like
a garden gnome for god sakes. I pulled the toque off with a snap crackle pop and now my hair reached for the ceiling with a life of its own. So the toque went back on and remained on for my trip into the big box. And of course wouldn't you know it...the sun broke out just enough for people to crack open their jackets and remove their hats. But not me. I wore my toque proudly feeling I had found one small way to be different today. Even if I looked like a wizard. I can hardly wait for summer to break out the socks and sandals.
My pic today is of the stone cat that guards our porch garden.

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Don Mills Diva said...

I can't believe there is no photo of your hair!

Love the cat though.