Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Look See

Never before has a Tuesday in January felt so much like a Tuesday in January. My work for the day is far from done and my head is already spinning from the tasks at hand. New goals and new obstacles. And I haven't even mentioned that my trusty Dodge Ram blew a brake line in the driveway yesterday morning. Of course it could always be worse. The line could have held out just ten more minutes when I would have been fully surrounded on the highway at 100 plus km per hour. Life is funny like that...well it is for me anyway.

It reminded me of a story my mum told for years while I was growing up. When I was around four years old I stepped off the curb to chase my ball. I appeared from between two parked cars into the sight line of a speeding late 50's black Cadillac. Apparently this vehicle came to a wildly screaming stop drawing the attention and wrath of several stroller pushing mothers on the street.

The way my mum told it I always seemed to be an accident on the verge of happening. She could recount how I would calmly walk to the edge of disaster, give it a good "look-see" all the while teetering precariously and then just as calmly turn and walk back. I can recall on more than one occasion being found by Police, neighbours or just good old Samaritan's and being returned to a wildly hysterical version of my mother. Unfortunately for her I was the typical wandering child. I could be drawn into following a leaping grasshopper for blocks. At the time I could never understand all the fuss that I caused.

In keeping with old memories I'm bringing back my pic of Brian. This was one of the first items I carved and I named him in memory of a close friend of mine that once walked to the edge of disaster but decided to step off. Life really is funny like that.

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