Friday, January 23, 2009

Water Buffalo

Another day covered in sand and concrete dust...woo hoo. I've gotten the bulk of my schedule completed and it's still light outside. Well actually the sky is becoming soft and blurry so it will probably be dark within thirty minutes or so. I really am looking forward to those long summer days once again. More so this year than usual. I don't know if the winter has been just too trying for me or maybe I'm just getting old.

But there is no denying the lure of a warm summer night with all the inherent sounds of garden life. And we have some beautiful gardens and landscapes in our neighborhood. Many of which I was fortunate enough to have made some contribution to. This year will be no different. I have several jobs in mind for our home from pathways to water features. There is also one carry-over job from last season that went uncompleted at a clients home due to last summers constant rainfall. Oh well, the gardens fared well anyway.

My pic today is yet another Booga. This one is very large as Booga's go, over 30". I always thought he looked like a member of the Loyal Order Of Water Buffalo's...for all you Flintstones fans. This one now resides in a clients garden.

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