Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ascendo Tuum

I began to write my post with..."I woke up today to find old man Winter peering in my window", but then thought shouldn't it be old 'person' Winter? And actually 'old' can be kind of iffy as well. And what about Father Time or Mother Nature? Yikes. Political correctness is freakin' viral...modern day cooties. It spreads, infects and destroys indescriminately. In this case our language and ultimately our very culture no doubt.

I would like to believe that millions of years of brain sculpting did more than teach us to lift our knuckles off the ground. So what I'd like to propose is that the next time you are confronted with a 'politically incorrect' impasse turn to face the road seldom travelled and confidently walk forward extending your middle finger into the air and shout..."Ascendo Tuum" (Pron: 'as-send-o-too-um'). Which translates into..."up yours" but don't worry - not likely to be understood by too many. And in the case they do understand...their next thought will probably be..."cool, someone else that knows profanity in Latin". Now go forth and use your new powers wisely my fellow biped.

Todays pic shows one of my Lava Planters. This particular one is about 14 inches at it's widest. It's a light weight concrete mix that has been carved, burned and stained. In this shot it's overflowing with Succulents.

...later Alligator.

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Don Mills Diva said...


Any day that I learn a new curse in a new language is a good day.

That is all.