Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deja VooDoo

Okay this post is all about that little piece of weirdness that invades all our lives from time to time. You know when something happens that sticks in your mellon until you fall asleep and you find yourself thinking about it again when you wake up. It could be anything but the point is it is weird to you...not necessarily anyone else. Which doesn't really matter anyway since it sounds nuts when you try to explain it. I like to call it Deja VooDoo.

I've had many episodes over my lifetime and they range from odd to seriously freaky. This one is half way up the scale...somewhere around weird 'with a bullet'.

Anyways here goes, last Summer Jewel and I took a day trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton Ontario. I like to take photos of rock formations, boulder groupings and such so we made a special trip to the Rock Garden section of the park. I had my chance to take many photos and this pic above is one of the shots I took.

Now cut to a few weeks later and while searching rock photos on-line (yes I need a life) I came across this photo of a vintage post card. The shot was taken from the exact same spot that I took my shot. The plant material has changed over the years and the large sentry boulder has begun to lean with time but it is definitely the same spot. The date on the card is not visible but the blurb I had read dated it at around 1964...forty four years later and I was standing in the same shoes as this post card photographer - for just a few seconds. Not to mention the fact that I even came across this post card at all. Definitely a clear cut case of 'time travelling' Deja VooDoo.

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