Monday, November 3, 2008

The Goose

It's Monday morning and I'm starting the week well rested for once. I have a huge 'to do' list today. The fact the clocks went back one hour makes it feel like I'm starting earlier. First up...the trees which are now mostly bare and gave me the chance to give them a good looking over for any damage and the like. I did find some 'Black Knot' on our Choke Cherry tree. The growth will have to be removed asap. For those of you unfamiliar with Black Knot it is a type of lumpy black fungal growth ~ very nasty looking stuff, that can collect seemingly anywhere along the branch structure. The only action available is removal of the afflicted branch well below the lump. Choke Cherry trees are absolutely beautiful and fragrant when in bloom so this is a small price to pay to keep it healthy.

For my picture today I thought I'd better give equal time to the other side of 'the Goose'. Here he is on his own less.

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