Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleep With The Prehistoric Fishes

Only nine more sleeps until the artisan show at the Rose Theatre. Whoo Hoo. Unless of course you work in Film then it might only be five...but who's counting.

The actual date is November 22, 2008 when I will be flogging some of my work.

I'm enjoying the road my life appears to be following. I get to make things everyday. But I think for me the real buzz is the 'busting out'...the event itself and the public interaction. I'm very fortunate to of met some great people...both buyers and artisans.

Todays pic is a natural rock carving of a prehistoric fish fossil - my own twisted version of course.

And don't forget...Sat November 22 at the Rose Theatre... Be there or be square.

1 comment:

B. Webb said...

I will be there and I will be square. You will recognize me.