Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forget The Tree

Every year it feels like the weeks between September and December whiz by with increasing speed. I no longer need to look at my calendar I only need to check the showcase at the local big box store during my better than weekly visits. They will let me know when it's time...time to buy food for the lawn, decorations for Halloween, Christmas lights for the tree...oh and don't forget the tree. And even if I wanted to feed my lawn when more convenient or even practical there is no guarantee I will be able to find 'product' since the store in its infinite wisdom, of what's best for me, will have removed the lawn food to make way for the next big 'push'. In this case the over-sized inflatable characters and displays you would normally have to tune in to the Macy's Day Parade to see. After all nothing says warm holiday spirit like an eight foot inflatable Snow Globe, complete with blowing snow, tethered to the front lawn.
Today I wanted to post a pic of one of my favorite artists work . I never get tired of looking at pieces by Henry Moore.

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