Monday, April 20, 2009

Up I'll Drop

These last few days I've been ripping into garden beds and pruning trees like mad. The weather has actually been hot. So I took advantage of it and got a jump on my garden keeping.

Next up I'll drop into all my favorite garden retailers to grab those springtime loss leaders... the under-priced specials designed to entice you to stick around and buy more of the regular priced items.
If you have a garden to fill get out there and grab some of these deals. Forget the regular priced can get that at any time. Grab the Special then go to the next place and do the same. If you get there early enough you'll be in line with landscapers. That should tell you something.
This pic shows a large Sword Fern in a natural setting. Ferns are fantastic for creating a lush environment. But pay close attention to the growing conditions required.

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