Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shlocky Talk

Recently I saw a television commercial for a tomato tree. It supposedly grows eight to ten feet tall in ninety days. Producing what appeared to be a bushel of grapefruit sized tomatoes each day. Wanting to know more about this botanical superhero I took to the Internet. What I found was telling in both what was written and was not written.

What I found was simply the same shlocky talk from the television spot. That and numerous complaints from purchasers of this product State side. Most of the complaints addressed the misleading language describing what you actually get for your fifteen dollar purchase price.

The commercial states you will receive three plants when in fact buyers received three seeds...ouch. What I couldn't find was any botanical or historical information on this plant...hmmm.
I've got an inkling this marketing campaign rides the leading edge of a particular temperate zone's planting season. Especially since the complaints are now piling up from the U.S.A. just south of us here in Canada.
Now to be fair I've not read any complaints about the actual growth claims. It doesn't mean there aren't any it just means I haven't read any. You'll have to decide for yourself.

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