Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Primitive

Some-where along in our evolution-ary timeline, before Google, instinct would have been all we had to rely on. And I believe that those dusty tools still exist deep in our brains...waiting on autopilot.

I'm reminded of that when I think of someone that I knew, from years back, that I ran into recently. Back then we were planning to collaborate on a small project when this other person briefly dropped out. It gave me some time to re-evaluate and ultimately the option to walk away...which I did.
I can't put it into words but something about the whole arrangement just 'didn't fit'. And the same 'vibe' was present running into this person again. Could I have been wrong?...absolutely. Do I regret following my instincts?...absolutely not.
Today's pic shows a small sampling of some of the Dogwood cuttings I had collected last week during our brief teaser of warm weather.

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