Monday, April 27, 2009

Fly Backwards

During the weather storm this past weekend I watched anxiously from the safety of a window as the wood fence stood its ground..barely.

It flexed and groaned all the while the Mountain Ash towering above heaved and recoiled threatening to snap at any moment where it would more than likely have found its mark on the corner of the house.

My attention was soon redirected as the teak garden bench tumbled across the lawn and through my frame of view. And it was just days ago that I had assessed it's fractured back from the last storm it had braved.

Most of my life I've enjoyed storms and all the inherent theatrics. The jagged shards of lightning, swirls of wind and the birds that appear to magically fly backwards. But as the years go by it's all become more of a reminder of just how temporary we really are.

This pic is from my last visit to the rock garden area at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton Ontario.

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