Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yards Of Wind

Finally some sunny weather. I woke up to sunlight oozing through the bedroom shutters. Even the Goose ran, okay staggered with purpose, to the back door to take advantage before it faded.
I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning the front and back yards of wind scattered debris. The first day of what usually amounts to about a week of cleaning and organizing that marks the arrival of the new season.
Rough pruning and bed clean-up will start next as well as relocating plants much like one would rearrange furnishings once they look out of place.

This pic is a very intense looking mushroom cap that I discovered growing at the base of a Bradford Pear tree that I had recently planted. It sprung up almost over night, as mushrooms tend to do, shortly after planting. I thought the leathery texture looked great.

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