Saturday, March 7, 2009


So this past weekend we did a dry run of my Canada Blooms layout. All went very well especially with the addition of the new display booth that came into my possession the week before. Goose is not quite sure of what to make of it all as it takes up a good piece of the living room and incidentally blocks access to his couch. Yes, he has his very own couch.

I've been carving as much as time permits and will have several new pieces for the opening day of Canada Blooms. But all in all the last few days have been spent trying to trim away the myriad of loose ends.

I don't imagine that will change much for at least the next several weeks. After Canada Blooms I have just about ten days to get ready for the Huttonville show and following that it will be time to start approaching Spring retailers.
Here's a pic straight from my bench.

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