Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feelin' Some Sugar

There are very few of us that are not feeling the effects of this economic down-turn. I'm starting to notice several things in the retail big box store that I frequent, some good as well as not so much. The 'not so much' is the shrinking availability of products that I burn through every week. A direct result no doubt of reduced deliveries and fewer staff to stock shelves.

And the positive effects that I have noticed are that sales staff could not be any more helpful. Gone are the surly attitudes and the sour faces seen when things are flush. Survival among the retail giants has now culminated into aisle warfare and courtesy with a smile is the name of that game.
The other day, while trying to source material, I actually had staff from one store calling their own competition to inquire if they had what I needed. It's hard to not be feelin' some sugar for an organization like that.

Today's photo depicts one of the clay sculpts that I'm working on...Roostericus.

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