Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So To Speaketh

Canada Blooms wrapped up on Sunday and we were moved out by the next day. Things went very well all in all. In addition to direct sales I received numerous orders for Booga's as well as requests by retailers to carry some of my pieces.

Now it's time to slow down and catch my breath. I've been going at full speed for about three months and need to take stock, so to speaketh. The next show on the calendar will be the Huttonville Arts and Antiques show on the April 5th weekend.

I unfortunately missed the deadline for the Fairy Lake show in Markham but will definitely be applying to Kempenfest. That looks to be a great party. Over 200,000 visitors last year can't be wrong. It opens with a tribute to the men and women of the military to be held on the July 31 long weekend in Barrie Ontario. There might be more shows on the calendar but those are the main ones.

On a more somber note I'd like to mention the Goose. He turns eleven today. Doesn't sound old but being an English Bully, ten is considered to be the closing chapter on his all but short life. His hearing and vision are failing and he does spend most of the day lounging either at the foot of my chair or in the pool of sunlight spilling onto the kitchen floor. And throughout it all the one thing that has never changed is his sweet disposition.

Today's pic shows a sampling of our booth from Canada Blooms.

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