Friday, March 13, 2009

Sex Act

Late one night after a very long day I decided to place a phone call to one of our local Chinese eateries for take-out.

I've ordered there dozens of times and knew my way around their menu pretty well. Well enough in fact (or so I thought) that I could recite my order without referring to the flyer that was pinned under the Three Stooges fridge magnet.

This particular night my call-in order drew nervous giggling from the young female voice on the other end of the line. It then escalated when I informed her I would be paying cash in return for their ten percent discount.

I finished with my order and hung up the phone. More than a little puzzled I approached Jewel and described the exchange. She then did a quick 'Google' and quickly informed me, with much glee I might add, that I had muddled the verbiage of my usual dish and instead ordered a highly specialized sex act that oddly enough was available in several adaptations depending, I assume, on your geographical location. All of which by the way Jewel was only too happy to read aloud just prior to me heading out to pick up the order.

I debated whether to include the actual terminology in my post since it has no value but anticipating the fact people will ask and who am I to censor anything? Now, if you are so inclined you can 'Google' it (Shanghai Surprise) for yourself. But be forewarned! Like a train wreck, once viewed the images could haunt you forever...especially when ordering Chinese take-out. Enjoy!

Today's pic is a funky looking gathering of highly prized Morel mushrooms. Why this shot? For many reasons, but mostly because they just look coolio. That said, have a very safe Friday the 13th.


Don Mills Diva said...

So how *was* the Shanghai Surprise there big guy?

Julia said...

OMG! I laughed my ass off that night! I still can't believe I knew about a "shanghai surprise" and you didn't!