Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Primal Bonding

The weather is getting a little cooler now... especially at night. Had frost a couple of mornings.

I don't know why but every year around this time I need to get my construction fix. Something about the crisp mornings that just begs for loud obnoxious power tools that grind, bore and beltch.

I own many and yes I put them to use these past few weekends.

The days I've not been working on a site I've instead been reclaiming some Credit Valley flagstone from the porch of an unoccupied home (with permission of course) that's being readied for demolition. Using a mallet, chisels and the obnoxious tool of choice - the jackhammer - always a crowd pleaser on a Sunday morning.

The request came from a couple that wants the pieces of stone...not anyone to do with the house so technically it's scavenging. But I think it's my moral duty to liberate these beautiful pieces of hand cut stone before the demolition crews arrive and literally pulverize the home in it's entirety simply to fill a bin or three.

The reclaimed pieces will now live-on as garden steppers.

The five foot wide step slabs are next...if I can ever remember to bring a dolly.

And this past Sunday found me with my Bosch 'bulldog' boring holes into a concrete pool surround. It was being prepped to install brass anchors for the new spring-loaded trampoline style pool cover - very cool.

Lots of noise, lots of dust, lots of bore holes - it was great.

The job took longer than expected but the majority of work was completed before dark and afterwards we celebrated Pagan style by consuming large portions of roasted animals with a side order of vegetation...and Pepsi. The only thing missing was a bonfire.

Primal bonding at its best.

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