Saturday, October 24, 2009

Karma Rules

It was a dreary day but there was still work to be done. I had promised the couple (mentioned in an earlier post) to continue liberating pieces of hand cut stone from their neighbouring soon-to-be-demolished home.

Well, I've pulled up about 90% of the Flag Stone and now I have recovered three of the five stone slab steps.

They turned out to be 6 feet long and approximately 160 lbs each. Yikes ! It's going to be an Advil night.

I got drenched during the rain but no matter come Summer these re-claimed pieces will be put to good use in the client's Zen garden - which I've yet to design...a minor detail.

I'm really excited about this project as I've been given total freedom.

I did have a minor run-in with a City By-Law official but all is well once again and harmony has been restored...Karma Rules !

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