Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Trails

Okay so here we are another year or so later since I started this whole blogging thing. And I have to confess it's been fun to express myself to so many readers using only a keyboard. Am I changing the world?...doubtful, but people are reading so that has to mean something.

I know it helps me to be writing.
So back to the topic at hand. The gardens have changed greatly over the last few days. The leaves are preparing for the colder weather by changing colour and beginning their descent that signals we are close to one of which is normally my favorite times of the year.
Fall is the time of thick sweaters, hot coffee on the deck and afternoon drives into the country to enjoy the last of the farmers markets.
Soon the neighbours we see regularly will go into hiding from the fast approaching winter and another year of our lives can be chalked up to experience. I hope yours has been a good one and if it hasn't my best wishes for a better one ahead.
For the next few posts I have a grab bag of pics to showcase. I'm still getting back on my feet after a computer meltdown punctuated what was hopefully the turning point to the free fall my life took this past Summer.
This particular shot is of a large Jade in a handcrafted pot that I spotted.

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