Saturday, October 17, 2009

Omega Man

It's been a while since I've created anything new. For someone that thrives on being creative this is a very neutral spot to occupy.

It's deafeningly quiet and solitary but not entirely uncomfortable. It's somewhere between where I was and where I'm ultimately supposed to be.

I'm like The Omega Man (remember the Charlton Heston film back in the 70's?) except without the chases, crashing cars and psychopaths - though my cel phone did take a crushing blow from some equipment this week and I did cross paths with some unruly characters in the line-up at Tim's.

I wonder if that counts? Maybe it was a sign? One thing's for sure I'm in the market for yet another cel phone.

So, I'm sort of on autopilot which is the reason for the old stand-by Booga pic. This guy is becoming the mascot. Except this particular image has new growth in the form of Snake Grass reaching skyward from its headdress.

I suppose there's a touch of symbolism there.

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