Sunday, October 4, 2009


I always find it uplifting to encounter animals during my daily routine. The day started when a stray orange tabby cat approached me for some attention one chilly morning. It was a great start to the day. When he had had his fill of being scratched he simply trotted off...hmmph.

Later on I spotted a very young Deer munching away in a garden directly neighbouring a new clients fence. It kept its distance but was still great to witness...actually probably not so much for the owner of the garden.

And finally upon arriving home I found one of my garden regulars lounging in a thick bed of clover close to the back of the house. I decided to join him with my camera and a steaming cup of tea.
And though he did tune in to me with a twist of his ears he made no attempt to bolt. I like to believe that encounters of these types all mean that something very positive is in the air.
Today's pic is of that visitor.

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