Sunday, July 26, 2009

Second Thought

I think it's safe to assume that at times we all take the good parts and the good people in our lives for granted. We generally don't give those aspects a second thought for the most part. "They will always be there" the general consensus.

Whereas we give the more negative or less than ideal parts of our lives way too much airtime. I guess it's just another quirk of the human condition.
I'm very aware of the limited time we are given and I've tried to do the right thing by others...especially those I'm closest to. But I'll admit I've not always been successful.
Today is another pic of the garden. This grouping shows a clump Red Maple surrounded by Hosta and butted up against a Fat Albert Blue Spruce. And by the way about the only way you can "buy time" is by planting mature trees. It's well worth the extra expense.


Jordan said...

Beautiful thoughts and picture. I very much agree, I always say "enjoy time" in leu of "killing time"

I just think we don't really have that much time to begin with that we should be going around killing it! :)

Skodaman said...

Well put Jordan.