Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pretty Insignificant Stuff

Every day now I seem to be looking around my surround-ings with a new set of eyes. As the clock runs down on my time here I notice new things everyday...or I should say appreciate new things everyday.

A couple of days ago I watched as a Chipmunk darted back and forth playing hide and seek with the rain and taking shelter under the large Hosta leaves on either side of the garden bed. Pretty insignificant stuff on the grand scale of things but a priceless memory nonetheless.
This shot depicts the Morning Glory Flowers (Heavenly Blue) that seem to now magically appear anywhere in the yard.


Tongue Trip said...

ok, so this is interesting and you seem to be interesting and i might want to come back, look again.

Skodaman said...

Hey Tongue Trip thanks for the comment and welcome back anytime.