Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Once Forgotten

A friend of mine has a saying he uses when dealing with conflict within a relation-ship.

He would say... "downsize the problem and not your feelings for each other".

When faced with something overwhelming break the problem up and deal with it in pieces...together.

Try not to react to the problem as a whole by numbing or changing your relationship.

I realize it's all much easier said than done but if you don't at least try what does that say for what you had to begin with.

It wouldn't be the first time something amazing grew from a once forgotten place. As long as you keep the roots healthy it's never too late.

This pic shows a collection of plain stone bowls I sculpted some years ago...some as wide as 16 inches. They were each filled with an immature plant (Hens and Chicks or Hens and Chickens according to my friend Ceferina) then forgotten within the garden bed under a layer of mulch. They have since been re-discovered and are shown mature and in flower.

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