Monday, July 20, 2009


I think we all at one time or another have given some thought to things we would like to do or see one day. Well I compiled a list several years ago. It actually topped out at close to 100 items but here's an excerpt from that list...a random ten.

1. Live in Chang Mai.

2. Author a stage play.

3. Experience Stonehenge.

4. Witness the Aurora Borealis.

5. Learn to play the saxophone...for New Years Eve.

6. Take a working vacation in the Galapagos.

7. Volunteer at a prosthetics clinic in the Third World.

8. Film a documentary for the Festival circuit.

9. Learn Gaelic.

10. Christmas shopping weekend in New York City.

This pic shows one large garden boulder I made a few years back. I sculpted it using various products including steel mesh, mortar and various stains. This particular one is around four feet wide.

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