Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Were Here

Most of us want to be noticed, to let people know we are here. And then some are content in letting people know we were here. I think I fall more into the second category. More than likely that is why I enjoy creating new landscapes. A friend once commented to me, after viewing a completed yard, that I had created something that would be enjoyed for probably decades to come. Maybe even long after I'm gone. The trees would grow and the gardens will spread and my contribution, though long forgotten, will always be firmly rooted. With those insightful words I felt a huge rush that sealed my fate. I would be forever drawn to sculpting and manipulating my surroundings.

My pic today shows a scene from my collection of vintage landscape shots. I don't know the history of this image but my guess is that it's southern California in the early sixties. The reason I enjoy this shot so much is the story it tells. I like to imagine that the Landscaper was taking a photo of the completed water garden for the client and unwittingly caught the reflection of his truck in the window.

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